Teaching service to kids: Red Bag project

For a Christmas service project this year, we chose to purchase presents for 6 needy children who may not have a happy Christmas without donations. We received the names from a project in our city that began many years ago.  Red Bag Project in KC. The kids and I loaded up the van with 6 large red bags filled with the wrapped gifts and dropped them off at a nearby church and the toys will be distributed to the kids.

My "Santa Photo" ornament tree

Making memories is sometimes only for the REMEMBERING years later! One such event that is not always so delightful DURING the moment is taking the kids to see Santa. However, keep in mind that the photographs of the moment 19 years later don't come with sounds of screaming toddlers or teens nor do they require a fashion consultant's opinion on what not to wear!

Top Ten Holiday Items to BUY NOW........

...BEFORE all the other shoppers have snatched them up...After the jump, you might find yourself salivating a little. Fair warning to you my beloved readers....and you might want a glass of milk?
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