Another crazy dinner

Our college-bound oldest son has 21 days left until he leaves the nest. (submit sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh here). The anticipation of the day has been forthcoming for 18 years and a flood of emotions overtakes a Mom daily. (some very unexpected). I am proud of #1 son. He has achieved success in many areas and his independence is joyful.


...he is ready to be on his own and use his powers for good. Many of my friends have told me that kids get really weird when they are about to leave and I am sooooo experiencing this. It is a defense mechanism so that parents don't really lose it at the prospect that their child is REALLY not going to be around.

In order to survive the summer with Brandon without exiling him from the family,  I lowered my expectations of what I wished for him to accomplish this summer. He is going to do what he wants to do. 

...This was MY defense mechanism!...

Jessie prepares a STEW for her brothers.

Our summer really has been
so why not add to the madness!

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