"WE" survived!!

One principle learned in Cognitive Behavior Therapy is think with the "end in mind."

It worked ... sort of ...

8 am on Saturday and my OCD/ADD/Tourette's 18-year-old is safe in his bed sleeping. He fell asleep most likely around 3 am (I was snoozing, but barely) after watching a movie at a female friend's house. He and his Prom date, whom drove 3 hours away to attend the dance, finally landed at this safe spot. (Coincidentally his date arranged to sleep-over at this spot before driving the 3 hours home the next morning.) After being rejected from 4 friend's "after Prom parties", the couple lamented on how to spend the rest of their "magical" prom night while sitting in a mini van in my driveway ! The clock read 11:00 pm.

Being the "helicopter" parent I am, I took the couple water bottles, snacks, and expensive chocolate to pass the time and invited them in. They took the bait, came inside, used the facilities, sat on the couch, and endured awkward silence, followed by more awkward "mom" questions, conversation starters, and an appearance from "dad" warning me to "let the couple be."

My rationale for this interrogation was simple: get to know my son's date and her intentions better (it worked and I "did") and prevent the couple from sitting alone and in the dark and in a van with no friends nor adults present and on their fifth official date. It worked ... sort of ... just a "kiss!" (PLEASE PLEASE don't let my son find this until he reaches 31!) Trust between Mom & son must be honored,) 😗

Simply allowing my learning-disabled son to get in the drivers-side of my van, turn the car on, buckle his seat belt, turn on his music and anticipate the 20-minute drive to the dance venue stressed me. Having his date get in the passenger side, secure her own seat belt, turn OFF the music and immediately begin navigation protocol calmed my nerves.

I ALMOST drove the long route with my son the day before, but in between picking up his new suit, the corsage and boutonnieres, buying groceries that he chose for a home-made meal prepared by me and going over and over the route, time escaped us. 


and what a perfect meal those groceries chosen by my son made!!!

Steak, shrimp, corn on cob, new potatoes, rolls and fancy cookies for dessert!

This dinner, served within our home, was a perfect and safe and affordable and quick and convienient and "controlled by Mom" experience!!! (no parking the van in a busy, crowded, Friday night restaurant lot)

LEAST stress of my Friday evening!

I am not sure how my son felt as his 24-year-old brother, his wife, their 16-month-old daughter and my 12-year-daughter dashed in and out and literally over and under ...


But I was good.

IF you are now judging me and my mad Mom parenting choices for this senior high school Prom experience, YOU MUST READ THIS PERSPECTIVE BY ANOTHER LD MOM!!!

or see this POST on my blog.

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