Emotional decisions for the entire family

My oldest son graduated from College TODAY. I had a ticket purchased, but felt so strongly that I needed to stay home to support my 17-yr-old third son. So at midnight the night before my flight, my husband booked a ticket for my 10-yr-old daughter as we could not just have her go "as me!" It ended costing us $1,100 for the 2 of them to go. I am so grateful we had the means to do this. As much as I would of loved to be at the commencement ceremony celebrating, I am so at peace with this decision. 

BUT it also gets worse......

I am nearly emotionally spent parenting my third son. Tourette's and ADD in 3rd grade and clinically diagnosed with OCD last year, his public education has been extremely time-consuming for him and me--he is a junior in high school and got a 33 on the ACT, but I stayed home because he is failing 2 classes and his IEP and special ED teachers and other teachers are just as confused as us with his symptoms:  behavior vs. brain chemistry. I don't want to even imagine him trying to take these classes again and going through the OCD heart ache! 

I have been with him through Habit Reversal Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and OCD/ACT and know that I learned more than him!!!!

WHEN will he begin to embrace these therapies and acknowledge help from others????

PS My husband used the Periscope APP  to video the 2-hour LIVE event so I was "virtually" there.


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