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I DID NOT WRITE THIS, but found it in a comment section. I wanted to re-read this so I copied and pasted here: It is a valid perspective and I am not trying to plagiarize, simply COMMUNICATE!  Forgive me if someone takes offense.
(I do not know the author)

"I first and foremost want to say I am by no means a professional or have any kind of formal education on psychology in any and/all its subcategories. 

This series doesn't "clearly"  communicatie anything. I want to make this abondently clear because this series, or anything else for that matter, doesn't "clearly" communicate anything. 

If it did "clearly" communicate something , then there wouldn't be any sort of debate or disturbance like there is because it would be obvious. 

"Most significantly" is a personal perspective/opinion and therfore not an objective stance. This is what YOU have taken from this series. 

We all have a different perspective and opinion on what "reality" is. Just because someone/something doesn't agree with us, does not give us the right to be objective.

When you said "I agree things can get really shitty" followed by "that's never a reason to take ones life" I would  like to seriously question you and find out if you, or anyone close to you, has ever suffered with some kind of mental disturbance.

"Although" mental disorders can cause someone to want to do that??? What kind of ignorant blanket statement is that? Have you or anyone close to you ever suffer or continue to suffer with depression?

The fact you even started that sentence with a "although" make me wonder.  

"Although" is defined as "in spite of the fact; even though". The definition clearly states whar it is, but you're sentence is incomplete...

Why is it incomplete?

I agree, at 30yrs old, High school is a small moment in our lives, BUT it's still a moment. 

Ever been to a funeral? What about a wedding? How about a birth of a child? 

Those are all "small" moments in our lives, but "small" is subjective.  The timeframe or length that can be measured on paper is completely irrelevant compared to the emotions/feelings that are generated.

You say you hope parents and teachers can convince kids of that and not to be stupid? I would love to hear a generalized blanket statement that would eleveate this issue. 

Maybe it doesn't exist because throughout history it's happened over and over again? 

Maybe "convincing" isn't the appropriate approach? 

If we were to "convince" people not to do that, we would be willfull ignorant on the reason why they are doing or wanting to do it in the first place.

The fact you were intrigued with the show is a clear object of the intendanr audience.

To make a statement at the end and say you screamed "stupid" is exactly the intended response.

Right/wrong doesn't matter. Both are subjective by nature. What this series has created, either consciously or subconsciously, is exactly what we're are all doing.

We are all communicating.

We are by essence creating an atmosphere where "suicide" is the center of attention. 

It doesn't matter who is for or against it. What truly matters, in my opinion, is that it's now aware"

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