My Ephiany

 On an October day I parked my car in front of the high school and as I waited for my son who would have conferences the next day I observed the following 

Approximately nine yellow school buses were parked in front and they were being loaded by high school juniors and seniors decked out in Halloween costumes some of these kids clearly had down syndrome some of these kids were in wheelchairs some of these kids were most likely blind because they had seeing devices and some of them were an unidentifiable disability to me as having disabilities. Clearly this was a gathering of specially abled children there were many adults near the children some of the adults or actually guiding the children and following them to the destination. Some children were more independent and could walk and talk and get on the bus all by themselves most of them were independent thinkers and independent doers I did not see a lot of interaction between peers as I have witnessed other high school students. But there was a lot of smiles and happiness and costume shares as I saw snow white Darth Vader superman Pinocchio peter pan a police officer a sheriff a princess a B and many other recognizable characters for Halloween

This is when I had my epiphany

Clearly each of the students had an IEP and we're under the guidance in care of special-education teachers just like my son Carson.


ACTION FIGURES. Independent. Focused persistent. Alone  child-like

Other projects: collaborative. Mature. Adult concepts effective. Creative. Group effort. 

Am I the problem? 

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