"WE" survived!!

One principle learned in Cognitive Behavior Therapy is think with the "end in mind."

It worked ... sort of ...

8 am on Saturday and my OCD/ADD/Tourette's 18-year-old is safe in his bed sleeping. He fell asleep most likely around 3 am (I was snoozing, but barely) after watching a movie at a female friend's house. He and his Prom date, whom drove 3 hours away to attend the dance, finally landed at this safe spot. (Coincidentally his date arranged to sleep-over at this spot before driving the 3 hours home the next morning.) After being rejected from 4 friend's "after Prom parties", the couple lamented on how to spend the rest of their "magical" prom night while sitting in a mini van in my driveway ! The clock read 11:00 pm.

Another Mom's lamented experience with "Normal"

These writings, discovered in my FB feed, reflect my son and my families experiences, thoughts and principles learned over 15 years of parenting a LD child.


Spring events 2017:
(my personal opinions are based on my own sphere of influence and experiences. I am not a professional nor do I have science-based evidence)
My husband is a pediatric hospitalist and IF a teen attempted suicide and failed, the teen would see an ER doc, be admitted, and be treated by a pediatric hospitalist to stabilize vital organs.
Mental health professionals, who are available during the hospital stay, also begin taking histories. A lot of emotional & physical work is involved.

Senior Awards Ceremony: my perspective

--3 celebrations including Honors Awards Assembly, Class Day, & "Graduation"
--Same 50 names read, cheered for, paraded on stage for all attendees to honor
--Because my graduate got a 33 on the ACT, he was amongst a group of 75 celebrated, but their names were not read
--Unfortunately, during the Honors ceremony, the moderator accidentally "SKIPPED" this elect group to stand
--Nobody NOTICED--NOBODY really cared how much effort was offered for this accomplishment
--Ironically, my son's seemingly "best friend" from elementary school sat in front of us. This kid has visibly not understood my son since he began ticking in 4th grade and their friendship lessened.  I witnessed my son congratulate him during this ceremony for his many awards and the student nodded his head and moved onto other friends.
--Even though the mother & father of this boy and I about 10 years ago used to be neighbors and had several deep conversations, the mother and I have barely interacted during the handful of events we were both present at.  I gave up a few years ago even engaging in conversation with her as it became too painful as our common interest was no longer a "friendship."
--I don't blame or hold grudges; simply need to save my emotional energy for supporting my son and my own family
--Prior to attending the Honors Award Ceremony, I repeated the words "Don't OVER EXAGERRATE--"Don't OVER EXAGERRATE--"Don't OVER EXAGERRATE--"Don't OVER EXAGERRATE--
--Only 45 minutes of witnessing the SAME group of kids receiving HIGH ACADEMIC awards wasn't torture, but provided a feeling of great HOPE for the future
--We celebrated my graduate at a yummy GELATO restaurant PACIUGO


*My husband is not pictured. 4 night shifts and the current atmosphere at the hospital has left him "photogenically" deprived!!!

Opinion: Lifted from COMMENT section

I DID NOT WRITE THIS, but found it in a comment section. I wanted to re-read this so I copied and pasted here: It is a valid perspective and I am not trying to plagiarize, simply COMMUNICATE!  Forgive me if someone takes offense.
(I do not know the author)

"I first and foremost want to say I am by no means a professional or have any kind of formal education on psychology in any and/all its subcategories. 

This series doesn't "clearly"  communicatie anything. I want to make this abondently clear because this series, or anything else for that matter, doesn't "clearly" communicate anything. 

If it did "clearly" communicate something , then there wouldn't be any sort of debate or disturbance like there is because it would be obvious. 

Tourette Association of America: Carson presents to 200 elementary-aged- kids

Here is a link to videos of Carson's presentation inspired by the Tourette Association of America

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/jzJ77y1UhdM?list=PLj_jpj9lBobpdF8i4u3w6SO9Mj1SItM_J" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/jzJ77y1UhdM?list=PLj_jpj9lBobpdF8i4u3w6SO9Mj1SItM_J" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Emotional decisions for the entire family

My oldest son graduated from College TODAY. I had a ticket purchased, but felt so strongly that I needed to stay home to support my 17-yr-old third son. So at midnight the night before my flight, my husband booked a ticket for my 10-yr-old daughter as we could not just have her go "as me!" It ended costing us $1,100 for the 2 of them to go. I am so grateful we had the means to do this. As much as I would of loved to be at the commencement ceremony celebrating, I am so at peace with this decision. 

BUT it also gets worse......

I am nearly emotionally spent parenting my third son. Tourette's and ADD in 3rd grade and clinically diagnosed with OCD last year, his public education has been extremely time-consuming for him and me--he is a junior in high school and got a 33 on the ACT, but I stayed home because he is failing 2 classes and his IEP and special ED teachers and other teachers are just as confused as us with his symptoms:  behavior vs. brain chemistry. I don't want to even imagine him trying to take these classes again and going through the OCD heart ache! 

I have been with him through Habit Reversal Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and OCD/ACT and know that I learned more than him!!!!

WHEN will he begin to embrace these therapies and acknowledge help from others????

PS My husband used the Periscope APP  to video the 2-hour LIVE event so I was "virtually" there.

Rally for Tourette in Washington DC


My 17-year-old son and I flew to DC for a 2-day Youth Ambassador training for the Tourette Association. We stayed in the Alexandria, VA Crystal Gateway Marriott.

My son and I got to share our personal stories with 2 KS senators legislative AIDS and 1 Congresdional legislative aid!

Children and Gardens: NEGLECTING either grows a NOXIOUS product

Rainy, overcast days lead to sunny, dry soil and that leads to being a supportive community member. HUH? you ask.

Gardening...lawn care...property maintenance...digging...weeding...sweating...planting...spending...cursing...sun....bugs

and on and on!

Neglect is a passive form of abuse in which a perpetrator is responsible to provide care for a victim who is unable to care for himself or herself, but fails to provide adequate care.
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