A Barbie Fairy "Secret" all Moms should know about

It was only a year ago that I had 2 hormonal teenage boys and 1 pre-pubescent male in the home. Typically, the three were much too busy texting or microwaving leftovers to notice what their sister was doing.
she left her porn-star Barbies lying on the carpet!

(Ironically, the toy most desired by a 5-year-old girl is MOM's worst enemy)               

These smiling, bright, beautiful, perfectly shaped (mis) representations of an ideal female are quite intoxicating to a distractible teen emerging into adulthood. Although not equipped with a weapon, Barbie's are designed with their own "secret" weapon.
                              ..........How is a teen-aged boy NOT to notice?
Imagine my joy when I came across these buxom beauties with their sparkling eyes, plush lips, tanned bodies....
and glittery glowing blouse that
a true Barbie Fairy Secret for Mom's of teenage boys to treasure!

My only wish is that the Action Figures of long ago came with fixed swords, handguns, sniper rifles, machine guns, bazookas, joint service combat shotguns, sub-machine guns, multi-purpose assault weapons, hand grenades etc.

This would of saved me LOTS and LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of grief as I was ALWAYS reattaching their "stuff!"

PS I am sharing this with all the beloved Moms in a "Link" party at Serenity Now!


  1. Ok that's too funny! I remember my brothers kidnapping my Barbies with their GI Joe Army guys.

    To say the least, they weren't very nice to them!

  2. I LOVE Barbies with permanent clothes! Just this morning I was noticing how many naked Barbies were on my floor. :-P

  3. HILARIOUS!!! we actually have a barbie just like that one but its the blonde barbie with a different color dress(pink i think). but yeah, we have LOTS of barbies with 3 girls in the house! and lots of them are usually nudists. its awesome..

  4. So nice. I hate hunting down doll clothes. And what a great thought with protecting your boys.


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