Labor and Delivery: should it be a "family affair?"

"The Animals," referred to in my title, appear in this epic picture. March 3, 2005--the best thing about this day for the 3 "monkeys" was missing school and eating Wendy's hamburgers for lunch!

For their parents, it was welcoming their fourth child and ONLY daughter. For me, it was realizing that I would NEVER have to have this experience again!
Our family was complete on this day!

For readers, this picture might cause you to ask, "What were they thinking?"

Here are our reasons for welcoming our 12, 9, and 6 year-old boys into the delivery room:
(BTW:  the boys were standing at my shoulders when the baby was born!)

•  Hands-on science experiment:  cutting the knotted umbilical chord increased awareness of "liquid nourishment;" observing the placenta and discovering its role in "waste elimination and gas exchange" decreased the tenseness in the room; and seeking physiological information from doctors and nurses balanced information lost while NOT attending school.

•  Sibling bonding: our oldest son would only know his sister for 8 years and 4 of those years, he would be immersed in the selfish teen years and not notice that she existed. Seeing her enter the family in this most miraculous way sealed the deal between brothers and "princess."

•  Birth Control:   no better way to introduce sex education than beginning at the END!

•  Moral Support:  during the uncontrolled shaking experienced by my drug-ridden veins, arteries, and capillaries, my "boys" massaged, soothed, and distracted me from the trembling.

•  Say YES to the "dress:" confused? I am referring to the epidural bandages applied in the lowest part of my back the moment I entered my hospital room! I wanted my boys to learn that legal, modern, and effective medicine could be SAFELY administered by a licensed anesthesiologist  and could aid in a less painful natural birth process! God created a SMART man to invent a way for women to NOT suffer because God knew there would be plenty of THAT during the teen years!
I can safely reveal that this decision led to one of the most memorable and cherished parenting moments. Sealed in my memory and branded on my heart is the expression on the faces of my sons when their sister emerged!

Surprise   •  Interest  •  Curiosity  •  Amazement  
•  Jubilation  •  Joy  •  Love
 By the way, all three boys are well-adjusted, connected, forward-thinking individuals with a strong sense of self! This experience did not scar them at all!

Don't you agree?


  1. Stephanie!!! How did I not know this?!? Amazing and what a great experience for the boys! Good for you!

  2. Hi Stephanie! I love your Blog. I wish I had the opportunity to have the same birth experience. Unfortunely I had all c-sections. My kids were there but in the waiting room. I nominated your blog for the Liebster Blog Award. Check it out on my blog! Can't wait to read more posts from you!

  3. Haha that's awesome! I remember you saying that they were all up by your shoulders when she was born...probably an important detail to consider when reading this post! :o)

  4. What a wonderful post and wonderful experience, Stephanie. I love your enthusiasm and passion for parenting - you relate that passion thru written word with grace, humor and unswerving devotion. I suspect - while all that you said is true - this was a phenomenal experience for your boys especially because they've been blessed with parents who are connected to, concerned for, and in love with them at all times - even in the midst of child birth and all that it entails. Thank you so much for sharing!

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