Before our eldest left the nest in 2010, our planned family trip led us to explore the sights, sounds, and delights of Universal Studios--CA. Imagine my surprise when characters from Madagasgar stalked us and DEMANDED we pose for a picture. (they must of witnessed my husband impersonating a monkey and felt right at home)! Thus, the birth of my blog name.

Children often do bare similar resemblances to the animal kingdom--"herding" them from one activity to another--"banding" them together to form positive friendships---"schooling" them in the ways of the academic sea--keeping them on a tight "leash" to prevent them from themselves.

After 23 years of parenting, one would imagine my "animals" have been well-bred to survive society's banter of dialogue thrown at them! However, as any experienced parent learns, each child brings an entire new set of skills, mind-set, and imaginative regiment and my youngest (the only girl) is reinventing the parenting wheel.

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More Reflections of me:
• living in the midwest
• surviving middle-age
• parenting 4 children during the "middle" stages
• My youngest was in 1st Grade  (SEPT 2010)

December 2010:

--March 2013---

We added a new member to the "herd" in December 2013:

For me, modeling other successful, more experienced parents proved an invaluable tool in my parenting mixed bag of tricks. Plus, advice was FREE and easily accessible.

It is my offering to you through this blog some of my experiences that have led to a college student, a successful high school scholar, a special needs middle-schooler, and a perky elementary-aged manipulator who inquires when I start to bellow 1...........2...... "What happens when you get to THREE?"

As one does not survive in a vacumn, also thrown in is a dose of reality in surviving home-ownership, 25-years of wedded bliss, and extended familial relationships!

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