25 Random Things about Me

25 Random Things about ME:

1. Sometimes when I'm trying to get my kids attention, I start singing OPERA style. Never in public though!

2. My hubbie and I slept on a WATERBED for 14 years! Now you can pay $250 an hour at a luxury spa to have a similar experience. On e-bay, people will PAY YOU to come haul off their waterbed and all its parts!

3. I LOVE Bridge Mix--but it HAS to be BRACH's. At my grandfather's funeral, my 2-year-old nearly threw up in his great-grandfather's casket, but instead barfed on his grandpa's suit! BRACHS mix from Albertson's made the situation bearable--we ate it as we cleaned the suit.

4. The last time I painted my fingernails was 18 years ago--BEFORE my FIRST child.

5. My summer pedicure lasted until December.

6. I still love a FREE meal and the highlight of my week is a GOOD bargain--nothing less than 75% off.

7. I have a FAVORITE child--but I'm not telling!

8. For my book group, I usually read the book the day before we meet--and STILL can't remember details about the plot and characters!

9. In High School, I secretly wanted to be the LEAD in the musical, but had to play Juliet in a "church" production and lost my voice during the performances. I sounded more pathetic than I normally do singing.

10. If a meal takes more than a 1/2 hour to prepare, it is TOO long.

11. My first year of college was spent sitting close to the front of the class or near a cute boy because I could not see the chalkboard and had to ask for assistance. I got my first 2 pair of glasses from America's Best Contact and Eyeglasses--for $50.00 including the eye exam!

12. I stole my older sister's clothes from her closet and wore them. (she was the COOL one) They were returned before she got home. I don't think she EVER knew! lol

13. I was a binge eater in college, but not a purger! Sure felt like it when I ate hostess chocolate pies from REAMS by the case load! Hey--we didn't have all the info. we do now about weight control!

14. Seeing my hubbie in his doctor coat still makes me quiver. He mostly is wearing it over scrubs!

15. My sister and I are very LOUD and PROUD when we are together and it makes my kids freak out!

16. I want to get all the video I've taken over 16 years of owning a video camera onto digital media so I can make fun memories of my family.

17.. We paid $75 a month for our FIRST apartment--the bathroom opened up into the fridge--you could grab a soda while you were.................TMI!

18. Our second apartment, we paid $400 for a street-side apartment with no AC/garage/dishwasher. We lived there 4 years--even through the mouse infestation. The HARLEY DAVIDSON 75 anniversary was right outside our door! ALL NIGHT LONG!

19. I can remember phone numbers I dialed while in High School, but can't remember numbers I learned yesterday. Too convenient to forget when you can add it to your address book instantaneously.

20. During a Spring Break ski trip, I raced some of my guy friends who were way better than me and I BEAT one of them? I'm sure he does not remember that, but my DAD does--he is the one who paid for us to SKI!

21. During medical school, I drove a car home from work in a midwest SNOW STORM with NO wind shield wipers. I had to stick my head out the window to see the road.

22. I have discovered the EASE of scanning old photos! Be prepared--I'm obsessed.

23. THE GROUND IS FALLING was my favorite child-hood game!

24. My 10-year-old boy has mild tics/Tourette's syndrome and ADD. Even though it has brought many challenges, I feel it has strengthened our relationship and made me a more attentive mom.

25. We first noticed the tics after our fourth child was born--he began licking things!

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  1. Yep, haven't painted my nails in 10 years. There just isn't enough drying time with kids!!!

    When I was 5 the girl across the street's phone number was 798-5860! I don't have my hubby's memorized but neither does he!

    Our first mortgage in undergrad was $280 a month!

    I have a ticcy little 10 year old boy too.


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