Washing machine

Young mom's know the value of a good lamination machine. Babies and toddlers put anything in their mouth - the more valuable the item, the more certain that it will soon be tainted with watery saliva. A protective clear coating of plastic assures one that her beloved toddler can empty her wallet and slime any one of her credit credits and a good swipe at McDonald's will still be guaranteed. Get a hold of that unprotected social security card and you can be assured of a trip to a government organization for replacement (you will need LOTS of laminated items to keep your toddler-in-tow occupied while you wait and wait and wait...).  Hopefully, you will KNOW not to wear heels!

The fine art of lamination works for teenagers as well. Many important documents can be hidden in the bottom of jeans before being dumped in the wash.  The soapy, watery agitation in the washer can do almost as much damage as the unforgiving jaws of a child.

I learned this the hard way when my oldest son's study cards went through the wash. He uses these to memorize important scriptures that he learns in his early-morning bible class.
Amazingly, he is still using the protected cards!

Maybe a mom can LAMINATE a teenage brain!


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