A lesson from my tween on coveting

My third son wrote this passage and presented it to our church congregation. It is a lesson to me that tweens really do "get it!"

A week ago, I was in our family’s living room holding my prized (and only) snow globe that my mom sort of gave to me as a gift a few years ago. I had been polishing it earlier in our dining room (I polish stuff when I'm bored), which is why I had it when I went to ask my dad what clogging was, as it had been mentioned in my book. To make a long story short, I went to my dad to show him how Richard Paul Evans had made fun of the dance, making the stupid decision to carry my snow globe with me. I heard my dad say “careful Carson”, but it was too late. In that very second, I dropped the snow globe, which bounced off the carpeted living room floor into the kitchen, and shattered.
       It took a few days, but I soon realized that this was most likely a test to see if I was capable to understand that material things don’t matter- I shouldn’t covet them. If so, I flunked it. It took until my realization of this lesson to mostly get over my snow globe breaking (mostly).
Not coveting is a lesson that we all need to learn. Hopefully, to all you young children, you don’t have to learn it the way I did, but just be warned: if you do, don’t go into near depression like I did. Just know that it is a test.


  1. Oh bless Carson's heart - such a tough lesson to learn.

  2. Thanks for your words of encouragement! It means a lot!

  3. I love that Carson! He's such a sweet kid!

  4. Wow, I'm impressed! To be that philosophical at such a young age!

    Thanks for dropping by Momfever. It's much appreciated.


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