Diagnosis: Tourette's--Links to sites helpful in relieving symptoms

In 2nd grade, our third son, born in 1999, was diagnosed with ADD/Tourette's by a child psychiatrist. Choosing courses of therapy/medicine to relieve his symptoms was an emotional, long-suffering, and ever-evolving task, however, one that has resulted in a tween thriving in school and confidence. 

Because this syndrome has no cure, one must navigate the symptoms and survive physically, emotionally, and socially with confidence and understanding from oneself and others. Witnessing the constant and annoying tics on a daily basis is gut-wrenching for parents. Imagine a child plagued with "itches" that must be scratched? How can this affect the psyche of your child?

After much prayer, research and lamenting, our family focused our energy on HIS feelings. It made it possible to avoid constant negative statements so naturally rolled off our tongues nagging him to stop an uncontrollable behavior. 

Information we use to help our son:

•  Tourette's Syndrome Association 
•  Habit Reversal Therapy 
•  Current Research on Movement Disorders
•  Research studies of Tourette's--Brain Imaging
•   Tics-R-Us
•   Dr. Ed Christopherson--our son's TICS worst enemy!
•   504 Plan

How our son helps himself:

•  Stood up to his 5th grade classmates teasing him
•  Used a simple, visual powerpoint presentation to educate his peers about why he has uncontrollable, strange behaviors (contact me for more presentation information)
•  Participated in 16-week Habit Reversal Therapy
•  Uses medicines to manage his ADD/Tourette's prescribed by his child psychiatrist

No one knows a child like their mother and I have had the privilege to learn so much about my third son by participating in this coping journey. He is honest, caring, capable, determined, talented, observant, and loved by so many and we are pleased with the results of the course of therapies/medicines

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