Diagnosis Tourette's: symptoms of my son and when it began

What does a parent do when their three-year-old starts licking things---chairs, books, his shirt, food, other people? 

Beg, plead, haress, whine, yell, bribe.......PUNISH?

Those are natural, human responses to behavior socially noticeable and awkward. 

After a particularly difficult 4th pregnancy requiring a laproscopic endoscope four months after giving birth, my husband and I noticed our son doing this:   (licking!)

We TRIED to do none of the above because we recognized that activities in our home were stressful and his behavior might be a reflection of that stress.

This "licking" tic reoccurred since the syndrome began and it involves the tongue. It occurs about every 15-30 SECONDS.
Throughout a vacation, I photographed our 10-year-old son:

  Other tics include:
     •  loudly clearing his throat
     •  turning hands over and tapping them on flat surface
     •  bending at the knee

Although his tourette's is mild, it does not appear so with this tic. He has managed to enjoy school and relationships with peers, however, I have observed him being much more of an introvert than early childhood.

The transition to middle school is difficult for any student and for him the anticipation of this event was unnerving because he knew he would be exposing himself to many more students who have potential for teasing and bullying him regarding the unknown.

Near the end of 5th grade, the licking tic gained momentum and classmates began staring and bellowing suggestions to Carson that he stop that bizarre behavior. He reverted to his shell.

My next post will describe our actions as a result of this behavior..

Education and understanding is key to this syndrome and it is my hope to continue to do this with his peers, teachers, and leaders.

The is the reason I have opened this dialogue on my blog with hopes of providing a bright future for my son. He is a delightful boy with so much potential. Even though there is the hope that his tics will disappear into adulthood, he still needs to survive adolescence and all the challenges and trials that come with maturing.

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