Diagnosis: Tourette's and Erin Brockovitch

Recent news of famed activist Erin Brockovitch getting involved in a bizarre case of "tourette's" like-symptoms in several students in a New York High School caused me to reflect on my third son's diagnosis of tourettes/ADD in the first grade.

This video represents one of his tics--turning his head and looking back.

He struggled with this tic for several years prior to completing a habit reversal therapy, one of the many treatments we chose to participate in.

No matter what the cause of these tics for these high school students, the painful reality of the effects leave a victim and their families to seek whatever means necessary to gain answers. Judging one's motives to seek assistance from medical, environmental, scientific, or otherwise may not be helpful to a positive outcome for the sufferer.

Familial support and assistance to relieve the patient's struggles is crucial to surviving with the tics until relief is assured or a positive change from the symptoms is revealed from whatever research is provided. Hope is very necessary throughout treatment.

Sharing our experiences with tics/tourette's/ADD may not offer all answers for those experiencing uncontrolled movements, however, gaining knowledge and other's experiences was vital in managing this rare and curious condition. 

For our family, medical science, research, philosophies, and associations proved to be the best choice to help our son be his best self and live with incurable symptoms. After seven years, we have seen remarkable improvement in managing his tics. He is thriving within his own skin.

In the next week, it is my goal to share our journey managing this syndrome with our son.

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