Senior Awards Ceremony: my perspective

--3 celebrations including Honors Awards Assembly, Class Day, & "Graduation"
--Same 50 names read, cheered for, paraded on stage for all attendees to honor
--Because my graduate got a 33 on the ACT, he was amongst a group of 75 celebrated, but their names were not read
--Unfortunately, during the Honors ceremony, the moderator accidentally "SKIPPED" this elect group to stand
--Nobody NOTICED--NOBODY really cared how much effort was offered for this accomplishment
--Ironically, my son's seemingly "best friend" from elementary school sat in front of us. This kid has visibly not understood my son since he began ticking in 4th grade and their friendship lessened.  I witnessed my son congratulate him during this ceremony for his many awards and the student nodded his head and moved onto other friends.
--Even though the mother & father of this boy and I about 10 years ago used to be neighbors and had several deep conversations, the mother and I have barely interacted during the handful of events we were both present at.  I gave up a few years ago even engaging in conversation with her as it became too painful as our common interest was no longer a "friendship."
--I don't blame or hold grudges; simply need to save my emotional energy for supporting my son and my own family
--Prior to attending the Honors Award Ceremony, I repeated the words "Don't OVER EXAGERRATE--"Don't OVER EXAGERRATE--"Don't OVER EXAGERRATE--"Don't OVER EXAGERRATE--
--Only 45 minutes of witnessing the SAME group of kids receiving HIGH ACADEMIC awards wasn't torture, but provided a feeling of great HOPE for the future
--We celebrated my graduate at a yummy GELATO restaurant PACIUGO


*My husband is not pictured. 4 night shifts and the current atmosphere at the hospital has left him "photogenically" deprived!!!

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