Toddlers and Tiaras

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Chimps and toddlers—throw them in a Pac N Play and instant bonding. When one drums on the aluminum support with its pacifier holder and the other hoots and hollers babble words, you can throw some goldfish crackers over the side to quell their hunger pains.  Clearly, both will be satisfied omnivores with the crackers or they might consume the ant learching under the pad scouring over the sugared gummy bear. After they have loosened the gooey mess with a stick, the same tool makes a convenient hair brush to groom their newly-formed friend.

Laughing is one way to prevent from crying (or hurting) your toddler so read on for some "lol" therapy.

•  Meet the Squish

•  Toddlers put everything into their mouths

•  Toddler Sleep Disorder

•  Is this Gender Bias?

•  Morris the Moose Makes Me Proud!

•  Reynolds Aluminum Foil makes for some great home-made costumes

•  Halloween brings out the "Kraft" in me!

•  Spiders made of Q tips, pipe cleaners and other crafts

•  Great Flour Incidents in "My" Family

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