Toddler sleep disorder

After enjoying some delightful and creative craft projects listed at Serenity Now from a link party, I needed a little REAL humor! (I so admire the beauty and eagerness of personalities who create and that includes my own artistic MOM who celebrates 72 years on TUESDAY!)

What parent has not plopped a starved, crazed, blubbering toddler at the kitchen table when what the temporary alien-child needed was their crib?  I captured this video of my sleep-challenged daughter and NO! I did not watch her as her head pounded the table. I put the video camera down properly and aided in getting her to bed.

*By the way, the background motivational speaker is a leader from my faith. I suppose he was just not interesting enough for a toddler?

I apologize to M. Russell Ballard for the content of this video!

**This uploaded video of my sleeping daughter was linked in a Deseret News article by Emily Jensen!

"And I just laughed and laughed at this delightful video of a toddler just not being able to stay awake to listen to a conference talk. So cute!"



  1. Following you! COme join us at mom Blog Society: Lots of networking and knowledge by moms and for moms.

  2. Your daughter is too cute, specially when she's sleepy! Toddlers make sleep look so effortless, when I have to take natural sleep aids before going to bed.


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