Is this GENDER bias?

Struggling to teach 3 boys the process of completing chores challenges me and often leads to battles I embarrassingly do not win. During the teen years, sometimes boys will revert to tantrums that mimic their toddler sister. I put myself in time-out on numerous occasions to prevent any REAL damage. I am sure my tactics will result in years of therapy for them when they become adults. Isn't that one of a mother's jobs--"driving" them to therapy?                           
Then, along came my only daughter!

(WARNING:  Junk drawer reveal! Some items in here have not been seen since 2004!)

One afternoon, I walked into an organized habitat previously occupied by her father.  She bellowedas she held wrinkled receipts, old bandaids, samples of antibiotic cremes, screws, rusted nails, and countless other items,  
 "I just want to clean the world.

I quickly (BEFORE her momentum waned) supplied her with ziploc storage bags in varying sizes. Instructing her regarding "organization" and "sorting" was a breeze as she already had the cremes in a bag.

My last advice to my daughter was to let her Dad know that it was HER that messed with his junk drawer and not MOM!

What toddler spends her playtime cleaning? This new and delightful behavior is so different than her brothers. Although the boys have stepped up to the plate in completing household chores, it is her spontaneity that shocks and awes me. 

You can guarantee that teaching her to clean and organize will NOT be a reason to "therapize" with a professional during her adulthood! (I'll think of something else so she is not left out!)

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