Morris the Moose makes me proud!

Six years after our third son was born, we welcomed our only daughter! Vivid memories of my waddling, pregnant self attending middle school back to school night are not my favorite. I wanted to run and hide under the bleachers so as not to be seen. At 25, I delivered my FIRST child and at 39, I would deliver my LAST! Not really great family planning, but nevertheless, our sweet princess joined our family.

Remarks concerning our family dynamics are mostly positive, however, considering the birth order, many express grave concern that we will SPOIL our last child and no one will be able to stand her!  (YOU THINK!) I internalize these comments and am determined to allow my daughter to experience HER life and not fulfill a fantasy of mine! This sentiment is at the forefront of my mind when parenting her.

Believe me, she has challenged this experienced Mom like never anticipated. Her stubbornness, unrelenting will and independence were manifest very early as she explored her new world. I once found my overly-tired 40-year-old husband almost in tears after attempting (for the 8th time) to put the baby to bed,

"I don't think I can do this anymore."   
Well, we are doing it because what choice do parents REALLY have?

The latest test of wills has been aiding her in learning to read.   
"I CAN'T do it....It's TOO hard."

 Just dig deep and do it is my mantra to myself for motivation when these words are uttered. 

                                                ......Oh, and I had a little help from the treasure basket! 

Old, unused picnic basket + 1 trip to novelty store + some junk items + lined notebook paper + stickers + consistency + paddle = READER!


Her first book:  Morris the Moose!

Hey---whatever works, right?

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