Great Flour Incidents in "My" family

Having seen the recent "viral video" involving a mother, flour, and her boys, I reflected on the two experiences I have had with FLoUR and toddlers!
This January, my oldest son seen in this video, will be 20 and I wonder if he remembers the fear he felt when reporting this chaotic moment to his parents?
We left him as a 12-year-old to babysit his 9 and 3-year-old brothers while we attended a dinner party TWO DOORS from our house. THIS posted clip (after the jump) is the scene my husband happened upon when checking in! (notice the two HANDS on my son's Cub Scout Shirt!)

In this scene, I found my fourth toddler and only daughter, playing in the flour box and decided to grab my video camera because I realized the mess wasn't going to clean up itself so why not have some fun!

Although these videos may not go "viral", my family enjoys the reality of raising toddlers and knows they indeed really did happen!

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