Losing weight during a holiday: possible with a plan

Weight Watcher members dread holiday gatherings because their resolve to shed pounds is wrapped in a bacon croissant crescent roll dipped in hollandaise sauce and served with a side order of guilt!  

This year, I have come up with a fool-proof way to shed a few holiday pounds while still indulging in some of the luxurious delectables of the season. If you're a Mom of multiple children who require daily nourishment and you are the go-to-gal (even though they may be capable of grazing themselves), this plan is for you!

1.  Discover food in fridge/freezer thawing
2.  Frantically move all items not expired to the 25-year-old cooling device in the basement  
3.  TRUDGE up and down stairs to get the 6-year-old child a glass of milk from the downstairs appliance
4.  Call repairman and discover the main fridge will cost $700 to fix with no guarantees!
5.  TRUDGE up and down stairs to get milk for breakfast cereal
6.  Order new fridge "on-line" and discover it has a 20-day delivery wait
7.  While TRUDGING up and down stairs for milk for starving children, discover food in basement freezer thawing
8.  Frantically grab the teenager, load laundry baskets full of food, drive to grandmas, deposit food in extra freezer space, and return home to TRUDGE up and down stairs to retrieve milk once again for the first grader 

REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT for 20 DAYS!  (See where I am going with this!) You are looking at a picture of my ENTIRE cooling space for the HOLIDAY SEASON!

YUP--if I have to work this hard to eat, I'd rather starve and lose weight- all for the LOW, LOW cost of a new REFRIGERATOR!

...Breaking News:  the above space is NOT cooling anymore!...

read my plan on How To Gain 20 Pounds in 20 days coming next week!

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