Who knew Q-Tips, Oreos, Pipe Cleaners and a little "copy catting" could be so fun!

Fall conferences + Halloween weekend = kids home and amped up on candy and energy!
 Time to get out the crafts! I stole these ideas, but who is telling?

All these projects can be produced by a 6-year-old and 12-year-old with attention spans longer than 10 minutes (a little ADD meds did not hurt the 12-year-old)

S P I D E R S !!!!
While showing my 17-year-old son a completed spider, I gave him black yarn, 2 pipe cleaners and the cardboard and challenged him to make the spider. He said to me, 

"You can't trick me into participating in this "family" craft!"


His teachers said so at Fall conferences!
Halloween Oreo Cookie Balls

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  1. i seriously don't know how people lived without the internet..i can't come up with my own ideas!!! :) thats what the internet is for-idea stealing! looks like fun!!


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