Sam's Club and heels do not mix

It is not likely that I am wearing heels in the morning unless it is a Sunday. However, recently I attended a morning event where heels were required. After the service, I decided to dash through Sam's club to pick up milk, toilet paper, pretzel and Coke Zero. Thinking to myself, if other 40 + women can walk through this store looking all bedazzled, why can't I?

My feet are not OTHER WOMEN's.

Meaning it takes a little "seasoning" to prepare toes for this kind of force. Were women really meant to confidently stand upright and gracefully walk forward all the while balancing on a stick-like platform carrying a tote equipped with lipstick, credit card, sewing kit and wipes and a gallon of orange juice?

I'll take my cloppy  Keens any day! 

By the way:  NEVER THROW OUT YOUR BOY's worn, dirty, cracked, laceless, smelly WORN TENNIS SHOES!

They are perfect for ONE more week of dust, dirt, heat, rain, leftovers, and sweat!! and then you can put them to sleep, preferably in a TOXIC WASTE container after a week of scout camp!

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