A little humor goes a long way

A $300 computer board for our 8-year-old Kenmore fridge (which has a $750 2-year-old compressor) is going to look beautiful wrapped with a red ribbon and green tinsel underneath the tree!

"Life is maintenance" for EVERYONE and happens daily, weekly and monthly---but seems to ALWAYS happen to us before a major gathering for a holiday/celebration!

Surviving these moments for me.....................
 and my new favorite outlet is the 24/7 Comedy Radio played in my van as I drive around town!  Often, my loud outbursts of laughter release my inner comedian and bond me with the voices I am hearing. Remarkably, just a 10-minute drive to the grocery store (to pick up some diet coke or mint M&M's) energizes my resolve to tackle daily maintenance. 

The comedians I listen to (BEWARE:  some are rated "R" for "raucous" laughter) cause me to:

•  Laugh at the little things

•  Control my emotions and keeps me from committing a crime

•  Turn the evil demon waiting to pounce into a mellow monster 

•  Balance my "body fluids" (look it up in Wikipedia, ok!)

Now I am going to my next appointment in my van and blasting 24/7 Comedy Radio because the $300 fix DID NOT work and the real fix will cost a whopping $600!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (or the replacement cost of a new refrigerator--we get to choose!)

Meaning:  In the last two years, we will have paid $1,300 to have an appliance keep our milk cold, our wieners thawed and our pizza frozen and now we get to do it AGAIN!

Happy Holidays to us!!!!!!!

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  1. That stinks! What rotten timing for you; sorry to hear of your dilemma! Our fridge conked out last year (but, at least it was 18 yrs old), and it was a real pain to wait for the new one to be delivered. Thankfully Home Depot delivered and installed it within a week, so I guess I have nothing to complain about! Good luck weathering the storm!!!


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