Sandusky, Paterno, Penn State: borrowed thoughts

Readers across the world-wide-web have been forced to reflect this week on protecting tweens/teens from the evils of the world. My circle of friends have debated, discussed, and digested our feelings concerning the revelation this week of a pedophile stalking and attacking his prey without punishment for years. 

The sentiments written in this article-"Why kids are more important than bowl games" by Shawn appearing on the Parenting Web Site mirrors my thoughts and I am interested in hearing comments from followers of my site.


  1. I'm sickened by the signs being held at the Penn State game in support of Joe Paterno! This man shouldn't just be fired, he should be behind bars! I just wonder if they have read the Grand Jury's report! It's beyond just using the word "Sad"! It's disgusting! What has happened to our society that we now can turn our heads from such heinous acts?! Since when do we put regular people above the law because they can "WIN" a game! This is a wake up call to us that we have to put the Lord back into our schools and government! As hard as it is to read the report, everyone should...and picture your son, grandson, nephew or brother as those victims. Let's see how mad you get! That young boy that finally stepped forward and spoke...IS A HERO.


  2. Sandusky should get life in prison. I hope everyone involved is sued and loses everything they have. I am really hurt for the boys and families who have been through this.


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