My "Santa Photo" ornament tree

Making memories is sometimes only for the REMEMBERING years later! One such event that is not always so delightful DURING the moment is taking the kids to see Santa. However, keep in mind that the photographs of the moment 19 years later don't come with sounds of screaming toddlers or teens nor do they require a fashion consultant's opinion on what not to wear!

I sent this "Santa Photo" ornament tree to my 20-year-old son who will be away from home for the FIRST Christmas ever and creating this "Santa Photo" ornament tree seemed like a way to capture some of the magic of the season of our family. The hanging ornaments are a collection of Santa photos taken of my children through the years. 

Follow the Instructions to create your own:
1.  After sorting, scanning, editing and saving all the photos to digital format, I uploaded them to an on-line digital photo site. (Costco/Sam's/Shutterfly/etc)

2.  I then created and ordered an 8x10 collage page using the software intuitive to the site. My photos were created with a uniform format so all the photos would fit on the page evenly and result in ornament sizes all the same. I fit 12 photos per page. 

3.  Back the photos on Christmas colored/patterned card stock.

4.  Laminate the card stock and photo.

5.  Using a hole punch, punch a hole and tie a decorative ribbon to hang on the tree!

My advice to readers with young children who MIGHT be thinking of re-creating this "Santa Ornament" tree:

1.  Endure the Santa photos EVERY year despite the weather, sickness, attitudes, long lines, etc.

2.  Catalog the photos by a "Santa Ornament" tree folder, archive, event, etc. and store them digitally.

3.  Simply wait for the magic of the years to go by, but do not wish them away quickly!

It warms my heart with joy (and a little bit of sadness) to see all these photos together on this tree! What treasured memories each photo evokes as I reflect on the Christmas's past spent with my family. 

Although some of the trips to see Santa were FORCED on the teens, the countenance on their faces as they witnessed their sister's gleeful smile are etched in memory forever.  My children are my most precious gift.   

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