$200,000 x 4=YOU do the math! Raising kids is worth every penny?

One aged Kawause Piano + elementary aged student + Dad's money + Mom's patience + faithful teachers=priceless memories!                                           Each of our four children began studying this beautiful instrument while in elementary school. Although they are not Chopin or Beethoven, they are all able to produce a pleasing sound and their lessons were a catalyst for their interest in band instruments. If I counted up the money, time, and my brain synapses lost, it would equal the amounts given in this article. However, the costs of NOT pursuing these can not be measured. 

Helping young children learn, progress, and master basic piano skills requires much parental commitment, support, and forgiveness--of your child and you. However, the results are worth the effort as seen in this video clip of my children through 19 years of music lessons and concerts!

1.  Teaches children that they CAN do hard things
2.  Provides positive, uplifting, and safe extracurricular activities through elementary, middle and high school years
3.  Creates mentors with music teachers who in turn inspire and help build student's character 
4.  Builds everlasting bonds between parent and child through music 
5.  Music motivates students' to perform well in academics and other classes


If YOU choose to "weave" a tapestry of music producers in your family, be prepared to:

1.  Put yourself in Time-Out
2.  Learn new phrases such as "chunk it", "V fingers", and root chords
3.  Give up the latest trends in fashion for yourself
4.  Drive used cars for the rest of your existence on this planet
5.  Experience the plethora of sights, sounds, smells of a billion "band" concerts

Because our youngest is only 8, the "billions" of band concerts we get to attend will certainly rise, my fashion wardrobe will consist of styles from the '90's, and my "time-out" chair will need to be replaced with a "time-out" wheelchair!

But we will prosper..................


  1. Stephanie, you are wonderful - I know I'm ridiculous, but your video made me tear up. :) Thanks for believing that it's worth!!! Sometimes I need the reminder! :)

  2. You are such a talented writer! So true... I really don't make my kids practice their instruments to make them miserable (which they totally believe).


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