God Made Us To Do Hard Things

(originally published in 2013)

With the assistance of my Momma, a milestone that I have intensely feared most of my adult life was reached this week. Even though the agency of my father was breached, it was for his own protection.

As I sat across the table, for the first time, looking into the eyes of Dad's beloved financial planner whom he has respected and revered for many years, the weight of this meeting hit me. Tear-filled eyes brought me to my feet and I asked to be excused so I could collect myself. 

Was THIS day really here?
With power of attorney in hand, I was prepared to speak on behalf of my father.

Financial affairs of my parents have always been handled by my Dad. Although not always in agreement with the handling of his assets, it was his free will and choice.

This meeting felt like I was taking his agency away, but for his own good and with his wife's approval.

Then a visual came into my head of my Dad in 1993. We lived in Milwaukee and my Dad and dog Muffy showed up unannounced on our apartment doorstep from Kansas!!! The walk to the park with 2-year-old Brandon being dragged by a very frisky and excited Lhasa apso would not leave my head ALL day!

Dad's quick pace and quick wit and the dogs short, quick legs kept us moving forward!! Despite the frigid Wisconsin January breeze, the 4 of us kept on freely running to our destination.

Even though THIS day Dad was not quickly running, nor freely choosing, moving forward to a destination was just as necessary.

So I dried my eyes, turned around, and walked quickly to face the next milestone in my life. Even though my Dad nor a dog were present to keep me moving forward, my free choice was.

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