Spring Break: what a difference ten years makes--Part 2 (1990-2010)

Part 2---As families prepare to load up their mini-vans, suitcases, and stash of cash, memories of past vacations come to mind. This is the second of three posts reflecting on how technological advancements have changed how we prepare, plan, and participate in family outings.

Past-- We thought we had invented the genius idea of putting our cell phone number in our third son's fanny pack in case he got lost. During the 1 1/2 hours he WAS LOST, he never even thought to TALK TO A STRANGER and share our cell phone number. Because we only had one cell phone, we relied on WALKIE TALKIES to stick together. The problem was, so did every other of the 10,000 visitors to the park. Access to an open band was impossible. (we got lost MANY MANY MANY times)

Present-- A much more creative approach to preventing child endangerment (besides a parent's approach to discipline) is BLACK PERMANENT MARKER. A SPRINT texting plan and 4 phones worked wonders at preventing the inevitable separation that takes place with 6 people on different entertainment agendas trying to maneuver the park to see ALL attractions and get your $300 a day worth of FUN!

5. Creative ways to pack food and supplies to carry into the park so we could still pay our mortgage AFTER our vacation
Past As mom's of multiple children know, a stroller can pack a load of crap for any outing. Diapers, wipes, bottles, diaper creme, blanket, extra clothing, video camera, camera, sunscreen, sunglasses, water bottles, cooler, mini fridge, portable TV, rope, legal drugs, camel back filled with diet coke, etc...That is how we survived the theme parks with these 3 boys.  
Present One VERY HEAVY pack carried by mom carried all the supplies we needed. Boost, water bottles, medicine, cell phones, camera, video camera, passes to the parks, etc. 

6.  Using the internet to secure lodging and entertainment
Past--A six to nine month reservation was required 10 years ago and yellow pages and AAA were a reputable source to gather information, although extremely time-consuming.
Present--Sites such as PRICELINE work like magic for finding an affordable and available hotel the day BEFORE needed and one can find a Walmart for food and supplies anywhere in the USA---except Orange and Los Angeles, County. 

 A balcony breakfast from a luxurious resort overlooking a golf course was our BEST FIND!  Somehow, Dolly Madison donuts from Smiths, felt dummy downed for the occasion!

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