Revising an old space

Several years ago, my oldest marked his homework spot and was NEVER convinced that he should choose a different spot!

T   H   E         D   I   N   I   N   G      R   O   O   M

Amongst all the paper, pencils, books, fancy dishes, and silverware, he managed to perform well enough in this spot to get into college.

W   H   Y         R   O   C   K     T   H   E     
B   O   A   T      N   O   W!?

I just added a little something... keep things organized!

It was necessary to take SOME of the distractions away!!!!!!

.......However, my third son will ALWAYS find something to keep his mind OFF his homework!
This is what our only daughter decided to do with the NEW SPACE!

...a designer in the making!...

What does your homework space look like?

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