Rhodes Rolls Rising in my oven!

Food Plate
The new food plate visually reminds eaters to choose wisely, and colorfully and creatively, cautions portion control. In our family, the green and red sections do not compute, as the orange and purple sections consume my children's appetites. Generally, plain protein and a roll disappear from their plate, and the vegetables go untouched. I actually feel quite proud when they choose carbs over candy to fill their empty stomachs. The best meal is carbs mixed with sugar!                Warning: picture may make you hungry!

A trip to the grocery store is never complete without picking up frozen Rhodes rolls for the BEST breakfast Caramel roll recipe.  The difference in making them look like this is marshmallows and TEXAS frozen rolls! The prep time is 3 minutes the night before consumption and a cook time of 25 minutes!
Worth the wait!

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