"True Confessions" of High School Homecoming Etiquette

Before my second son leaves for his high school Homecoming date this weekend, I am going to go over some dating etiquette. What do you think of this list from the 1830's found in True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle?

1.  Women wear long dresses. No showing of the legs allowed.
2.  Men wear dark colored slacks and a nice shirt. One must not draw attention to themselves with bright colors! Also, you have the option of dressing like a seaman (any kind of raggedy clothes will do)
3.  You must rise to your feet out of respect to an older person.
4.  Men must bow when encountering a lady.
5.  When encountering each other, men can give a gesture of the hand or a touching of the hat.
6.  Men must pull out a lady's chair.
7.  Men must serve the ladies their tea before they can serve themselves.
8.  Women must always graciously accept the assistance of a gentleman.
9.  When a woman is introduced to a man she never offers her hand. She should only curtsy politely and say, "I am happy to make your acquaintance."
10.  Never refer to another person by their first name in public.
11.  Never sit with your legs crossed.
12. Never talk while others are talking.
13.  Give polite applauds to your peers.
14.  Be cheerful in all conduct and conversations.
15.  You must eat with your mouth closed and NEVER talk with your mouth full.

I know I can find some "raggedy" seaman clothes in the dress-up box---that would save some money!

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