Rubbermaid MUST be on the holiday decor list!

After spending an untold amount of money on Rubbermaid storage boxes and surviving hours spent looking for carefully crafted Christmas decor, lights, and extension cords long enough, but not too long, I have finally arrived at "my" tracking system! (It only took me 25 years!)

With this system, I can put up my decorations in one day (with the help of the children and hubby)! 

 ALL the items used to create a mantel, table, staircase, piano, etc. display are stored in a box and labeled as to where the items will be used. I even put lights and extension cords in the box and they are used only once a year. Quite possibly, this is wasteful, but it is worth the $1.50 it saves my sanity!
 As the season approaches, the kids lift the boxes from their cozy basement long-term storage spot and haul them near the place that the label in the box directs. The garland strung with lights, ivy, ball, berries, ribbon, etc is then attached to its "home for the holidays" and like magic, Christmas joy is shared by all when the lights appear!
We all know that only in a "magazine" photo display do the lights ALWAYS work.

Half a strand here--- half a strand there--several light strands are found misbehaving!

This year, I even spent $12 to replace the batteries in a little device that is SUPPOSED to detect the burned out bulb so you can replace it. (Thankfully, my meticulous hero I married agrees to take this job) He fixed many a dud light strand this year.
Did I mention that plastic Rubbermaid boxes stack NICELY?

This large red box, when opened, reveals white plastic garbage bags labeled with numbers. I stored one strand of outdoor lights in a bag and labeled the bags in numerical sequence as to what bush they were used on. It only took 1 hour to put all the lights up! More time to make (and eat) Christmas cookies!
 Boxes for the upstairs decor are stored in the attic so one does not have to drag the heavy load up the stairs. The same method works for these displays as well!
Do you think the cute "black and white" decoration will fit in the box for next year's display? 

Children growing up way too fast and losing the magic of Christmas definitely is not one of my favorite things of the season, but spending time with them is!

 "I am sharing my holiday home decor and cleaning tips for the chance to win prizes from The SITS Girls and Great Cleaners."


  1. Rubbermade bins make things so much easier. Cardboard boxes and such, just lead to chaos. We find ourselves buying more bins every year, to keep up with the new things we get.

  2. I just need to be organized enough to get this done this year.

    Great post!


  3. I love rubbermade containers, great for storing our holiday stuff in as well. Although we live in an apartment... and I haven't yet accumulated a lot of decorations yet, so we only have 4 containers full.


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