Homemade Nativity using Crayola's Model Magic

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My google experience generally does not include browsing for craft projects to endure and create. My PINTEREST "craft" board is nearly empty, however, I do search for "kid-friendly" holiday crafts.
When I happened upon this "crafting" product, I was hooked.   

Made by the trusted brand, Crayola, the clay-like substance is not only moldable for small fingers, but it is very lightweight for displaying, storing, and shipping. Young and old creative personalities enjoy working with and making something out of this affordable product. The clay dries quickly and can be brought to life with a little craft paint color or simply displayed in its natural form which comes in all primary colors. 

And if it does not turn out how one envisioned...........
....no worries---it can be a one-time-use holiday-
Homemade Nativity 

My 12-year-old boy and 6-year-old daughter were both intrigued with the possibilities, however, surprisingly, my ADD son, stayed with the task MUCH longer than the girl. He assigned himself to make the camels.

The painted wiseman carrying their gifts of gold, frankincense, and mire, were created by adults. Can you sense the "love" in the design of the headpieces?
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The oldest of my children will NOT be celebrating Christmas in our home this year as he is serving a two-year mission. Many of his peer group also will be spending their holidays away and us Mom's wanted to send a decoration for them to cherish and this homemade nativity was the answer.

One of the most important features of these figures is there portability! Nine sets were created and shipped to nine LDS missionaries serving throughout the country and world. We are aware that these sets may not make it home and felt secure in choosing this "magic" gift.

Confidently, us "missionary Mom's" accomplished our goal.

Having recently attended a nativity display, I was even more convinced that our homemade gift was the cheapest, easiest, and most convenient choice to send through the mail. Of course there are many other options, however...

Just imagine how a 21-year-old young man would pack in a suitcase these "homemade/pricey" projects?
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Wooden Nativity How-to:
Wooden Nativity How-to
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What NOT to give a missionary for a Christmas decoration because their attention is best focused on serving others and NOT eating Chic Fil A.

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