Halloween "Themed" Costumes

Parents work diligently to build strong sibling relationships while their children are in the home with the hopes of those bonds continuing into adulthood. With only 5 years in which to create a "complete" family bond, we were vigilant (sometimes obsessed) in providing circumstances to connect. Thus, Halloween family "themed" costumes began in our youngest's 1st year. One of our favorite family movies---Napoleon Dynamite--started us off. 
 Meet the cast of the popular 2004 show:  Rex Kwan Do • Summer • Napoleon • Pedro • Kip • Deb
My creative husband provides the details, extras, and magic for the costumes, while I simply provide the sanity during the day of the big "reveal." Kids gotta eat you know!
I chose the "theme" for this Halloween
Meet:  Tin Man  •  ScareCrow  •  Dorothy  •  The Lion  •  The Wizard

Getting everyone to transform into characters from Wizard of Oz required some creative and psychological voo-doo as the teens were less than enthusiastic. Can you really blame a thirteen-year-old for not wanting to wear overalls and put a daisy in his pocket or a twelve-year-old for wearing a "funnel" on his head? 
Posing for this picture ALMOST did not happen as hubby had to rush home as one of the Tin Man's parts did not make it into the van. Immediately after the shot, the older boys stripped out of their carefully crafted "Oz" costumes and slipped into the choices THEY wanted!
Nacho Libre

Goblin on his day off

Makes perfect sense, right?
Allowing the teenagers to choose this theme was much more successful and the costumes were easier to put together---except for the hair gel! Although the youngest two did not quite fit the group, we did not break any laws not following the theme (it sure felt like we did as the number of people who accosted us the night of the reveal)!
Cool kids dressed from the '60's! This is one of my favorite sibling bonding moments! Watching them dance together got a lot of laughs! Don't you agree!

That's it! Our oldest was gone for this Halloween so no more family "theme" Halloweens! (insert tears now)! My husband out-did himself creating "Where the Wild Things Are" for himself and our third son. The teen put together his costume--self-absorbed!

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