ABC--Awesome Blog Content--Award

Thanks to Stories of a Mom for awarding me the Awesome Blog Content Award. Receiving new readers who appreciate my content is rewarding itself, however, the blogging platform allows users to recognize the contribution's of writers on different topics more efficient than ever imagined. And I thank Stories of a Mom for including me in this honor.
For the last 5 months, I have engulfed myself in learning about "successful" parenting blogging and the sentiment of "good content" resonates clearly in my research. Therefore, for a stranger to reveal that my blog contains "awesome content" gives me motivation to continue to write.
I’m told that as part of my “acceptance speech” I need to tell you seven things that you might not know about me. Here’s what I managed to come up with…

1.  I don't like toothpicks.
2.  I have never been to North Dakota.
3.  I will watch runners in a marathon race (someday).
4.  I drove past the ER and ALMOST checked myself in. The next day I had my         
     appendix out.
5.  I want to sit on an ottoman.
6.  I hope to see Jim Gaffigan in person.
7.  I wear fuzzy socks and so does my 13-year-old.
I extend my well-wishes for more ABC's to the following blogs:


  1. Great acceptance! Keep on writing - you're good at it! :)

  2. SuWeeeet! I am so honored to make the list. Your blog is awesome, btw.


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