A no "PIN" situation

Last week, I posted this video of my 17-year-old son in a wrestling match with a girl opponent. As stated, I am offering my feelings toward this moment and as I honestly reflected, I felt that "my" feelings were not what was important, but my son's! 

During dinner, laptop on table beside my pancakes and bacon, I hit the "play" button and asked the introverted teen to tell me how he felt. I "shushed" all the others up and allowed his thoughts to develop into words.

(My IPhone 4s video function recorded the conversation)

Teenage-boy wrestler's perspective:
1.  CRAP--This is gonna SUCK!

2.  She is a girl wrestler--she is not cute. (response from my son when teammates teased him that the girl was pretty cute)

3.  Coach gave me a choice to NOT wrestle--no one wants to do that.

4.  If you win you are a JERK, if you lose you are a WIMP

5.  It is just wrong for a girl to go out for wrestling.

6.  She wasn't stronger than me, but I was shocked at how ridiculously strong for a girl she was. That made me want to beat her faster.

Wrestling a girl may just be a "No PIN" situation and to a teenage boy, he simply wants to move on from the situation and drink some gatorade! A willing woman could take a valued lesson from these sentiments!

FYI:  My son is a JERK in this video!!!!!


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