Venting, Wonderment, Science Projects: are these relatable?

Recently I read a sentiment on a parenting blog commenting how social media has changed the way Mom's choose to "vent" their frustrations concerning parenting and have reflected on it as it relates to me as an "OLD" mom.

"I wonder if the bee in their bonnet is less about other moms having these (venting) thoughts, and more about their resentment that this new generation of moms is daring enough to vocalize our frustrations, instead of bottling them up."

In 1992, while raising my babies and toddlers, our "venting" took place at McDonald's play lands as our children climbed on germ-“infested” slides and ended up at the bottom of bouncy balls laced with hypodermic needles! “Venting” often required a shower, a little make-up, packing up the kids in car seats, coats, sippy cups, and $10!

Connecting face-to-face most likely filtered some of our more colorful words, however, sentiments and frustrations were no different than those expressed on mommy blogs regarding raising children, toddlers and husbands 

Supportive, caring, women gathered weekly to reflect on the positive and relate to the negative and offered hope for a better tomorrow! We drank a lot of “free-refill” diet coke as well.

Resentment” is not a word I would choose to describe the new generation of  blogging Moms, but wonderment! Mothering is certainly not a NEW phenomenon as one can simply visit a retirement center and know that these lovely beings had mothers who fed, nurtured, and cleaned-up after them with no thought of FB, Twitter, Pinterest or posts posted or read.

Wonderment: curiosity about something. A state of awed admiration or respect!

Mommy bloggers of all types are redefining the marketing and advertising industry by their “venting”. “We” all feel we are experts and want to gather our flocks via FB, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, to share our wealth of knowledge in hopes of creating a better future for our children, RIGHT?

Although our core tells us to be nurturers and non-judgemental to other’s choices, we desperately want to succeed and compete in the re-defining industry and not be LEFT BEHIND!

Although not in agreement with the style of some of the venting using social media, I do recognize Mothers and their deep admiration for children and never have, never will JUDGE another “science project” in the making, just simply wish you the best day possible with those lovelies abiding in your home!

Parenting is a Science Project! Perhaps the greatest Science Project in the Elementary School of Life.

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