Don't let your January be like stores closing in the mall

Less than two weeks ago, the American icon, the "Mall," was filled with excited crowds searching for gifts that would certainly bring joy. Consumers eagerly ready to swipe their plastic, buried consequential thoughts of minimum payment, interest rates, and scissors with jubilant smiles, praise and hugs from their beloved gift receivers.

Store fronts and managers sparkling red and green, welcomed these customers in anticipation of January profits twinkling in front of New York's corporate boardroom.

Valet parking was a necessity, but not now! 

This was the mall yesterday.

And now a word of caution.

.....Don't let your January's be like stores closing in the mall!!!!!!!!

Empty  ••  Bare  •• Lonely  ••  Bleak  ••  Quiet

1.  After you "sweep" up the mess and empty the "garbage" of your holidays, MAKE A PLAN and write it down!

2.  Before you dive in to the PLAN, give yourself a chance to relax. These are my top 4!

The Red Queen   ••••  Downton Abbey  •••  Walking  •••  Clearance!!  •••

2.  Embrace your PLAN and stick to it no matter what the temperature outside is or if you have to wear yoga pants everywhere your PLAN takes you.

3.  Your PLAN should include some line items to begin working on planning your next family gathering, Spring Break, or excursion. 

4.  When you accomplish parts of the PLAN, cross off the items and reward yourself with a little "gift." (mine is 12 mint M&M's leftover from the holiday candy stash)

5.  Lather, Rinse, Repeat..............

...and avoid your own January's "Store Closing" ...

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  1. Great tips, and so true! A plan is so important, especially that we actually follow it.
    I'd like to offer you the Awesome Blog Content Award! You can read about it here...


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