My grandmother would be proud

With the holiday decor stored safely in 25 colored bins, I channel my limited creative prowess to "reds" ... "silvers" ... "hearts."

Opening the "Valentine's" box delighted me as I found this picture of my beloved Grandmother and my 2-year-old son (now 17). Nothing reflects love than the bond these two shared when Grandma Hilda was alive and living her last 5 years in my parents home. Our daily visits brought joy, gladness, and chaos into my grandparents quiet and confined existence. I like to think that my two small boys learned lessons as well that shaped their character during these short years with their great-grandparents.

Pictures like these can bring to remembrance what is now lost, but always felt!

Happy Valentine's decorating!

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  1. What do you do to decorate for Valentine's Day?


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