Giving up on our "Gifts" is quite common

Sharing your gifts and talents is what propels you into your day and allows you to feel happiness. But what happens when your "gifts" are no longer "presents" to yourself, but a burden?

A recent passage concerning a chef's struggle to enjoy her "gift" in this book Velma Still Cooks in Leeway" by Vinita Hampton Wright helped me reflect that each of us suffers from lack of motivation from time to time.

"Leeway's citizens forgave me. And I served them on my feet twelve hours a day, year in and year out. The food I gave them mainly from recipes in my head, and no matter how many times I made a certain dish, it always felt like a new creation. And that gave me a deep-down happiness. Until now. Now it suddenly hurt me to do it. It hurt me for whatever reason. But I could see that it didn't matter. There was such a thing as being faithful to your own gift. You have to climb out of the attic and walk down the street and cook just because. Because it was my gift, my best gift, maybe my only one."

Can reflecting on this quote and a January post help ME (and maybe you) "climb out of the attic?"

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