Teens, Tourette's and OCD: an upate after 3 years of silence

My favorite color is blue. It makes me happy. I bought this purse after only a 3 minute search through the Kohl's 80 percent discount aisle in March of 2015. It reduced my stress.

I bought this book 3 hours later at a Barnes and Noble while hanging out with my handsome hubs, 16-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter. We looked like a normal, happy family just beginning a much deserved Spring Break and buying a few new books for our time-off.

But the day was far from NORMAL.....................

Our son had just met for 6 hours with this neuropsychologist:  DR. JOSH HALL,  to be evaluated for an IEP.

For at least 3 years prior to this day, my son with Tourettes had developed hormones and anger and independence and OCD. These raging chemicals in his body preparing him to pro-create and bring life to this lovely, beautiful and complicated earth created by a loving, all-knowing benevolent Heavenly Father, had caused much frustration with our relationship as parents. WE FELT HELPLESS.

Parents of teens remain silent on social media for the protection of their beloved offspring. Parents of teens with Tourettes are even more silent!

Our knowledge, support, love and guidance to our beloved son certainly did not stop during this time. I have gathered a lot of "digital" files and a stock pile of motivational quotes and phrases to help me navigate these treacherous years.

I've contemplated, persepherated, and rationalized posting these thoughts and wanted my words to be "just right."

This long, laborious and emotional process has been .....well ..... It has sucked big time!!

I am done trying to write the words just right and explain.... I AM JUST HITTING POST and moving on. Who will really read and digest this info anyway?

--Dr. Joshua Hall 

LINK to my PINTEREST PAGE and information on Tourettes.

Current Plan of Action

1.  Secure and maintain an IEP with local school administrators and other team members
2. Submit needed documents to the ACT to request more time
3.  Sign-up for a one-on-one tutoring class in preparation for the ACT:
4.  Investigate local community colleges and their offerings to specially abled individuals with IEP's
5.  Continue to follow-up with appointments and medicine prescribed by psychiatrist, Dr. Battersson.

ACT  accommodations--March 2015


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